nba政治行动委员会(NBAA- pac)支持两党了解商务航空价值的联邦国会候选人. It is a voluntary, non-partisan political contribution fund powered by personal donations. NBAA-PAC was established as a tool to help educate policymakers in the U.S. House and Senate on the importance of general aviation, which is responsible for more than 1.1 million jobs and nearly $250 billion in U.S. economic output.

Through NBAA-PAC, 十博手机版有能力团结起来,作为一个社区,向关心十博手机版行业每天面临的立法和监管挑战的国会议员表示支持.

谁可以向nba - pac捐款?

NBAA Professional members are eligible to support NBAA-PAC. 这个十博手机网站类别对任何对商务航空普遍感兴趣的人开放,并提供许多增值利益. If you are currently employed by an NBAA member company, you can also add an Affiliated Professional membership at a discounted rate. 了解更多关于专业十博手机网站的信息.

In addition, nba - pac可以事先获得成员公司的许可,以教育和征求该公司员工的捐款. 只有经十博手机网站公司授权的代表才可给予邀请许可, and such permission may only be granted to one trade association PAC. 了解更多关于事先许可的信息.

Additional Information for Professional Members

如果您是专业十博手机网站, 你就有资格支持NBAA-PAC,以及十博手机版努力教育国会成员了解商务航空的价值. Please login below or consider becoming a Professional Member to learn more.



Contributions to NBAA-PAC are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. 对nba - pac的捐款将用于联邦选举,并受联邦法律的限制和禁止. Contributions are voluntary and individuals may contribute any amount, or none at all, 不用担心被报复. Federal law requires us to use best efforts to obtain and report the name, mailing address, 每一历年内供款总额超过200元的个人的职业及雇主名称.